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When you are in pain, first you need to ascertain whether it is indeed a muscle causing the problem. Muscle pain feels different from nerve pain. Muscle pain makes you feel stiff, achy, and brittle. Your range of motion is compromised. Things that used to be easy are now difficult, like bending over to brush your teeth, or carrying a load of laundry.

Nerve pain tends to radiate. If the sciatic nerve (in your back) is being pinched, you will feel pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness down your legs, in your butt, or even down to your toes. If a nerve is being pinched in your neck, you may feel pain or tingling in your shoulders or arms, have headaches, or be stiff and uncomfortable.

Nerve pain is harder to treat than muscle pain, because it won’t go away as easily.

Ask yourself WHY you hurt. Perhaps you over-did a sports activity. Or you picked up a load that was too heavy. Or you have been sitting or standing improperly for too many hours. Perhaps you were in a car accident that seemed minor, but now you hurt.

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Muscle or Nerve Problem

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